Sierra the samaritan.

Selflessly abusing those much less fortunate than Herself.

Even those in the lower income brackets need some good old fashioned financial abuse.  Every little bit counts.  I think of it as My little act of charity, taking advantage of those with much less impressive standards of living.  Although I seldom invest much time in these low-income piggies, I still find it in MY heart to take their scanty salaries and let them at least feel mildly useful in their poverty-struck existences.  It's My way of showing "male-kind" how much I care.

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It's vital that EVERY minion learn to cut-back in his own spending so he has more revenue to spend on ME.  Scrimp and save so Sierra can frivolously SPEND!!! 

SEND in your inspiring tale of  your life of Poverty provided by THE PRINCESS today.

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Subj:  You are nothing like Mother Teresa
Date: 8/6/00 4:21:56 PM Eastern Daylight Time

Hello Sierra!

When the pope gave Mother Teresa one of his limosines, she sold
it and used the money to help the poorest of the poor.  You, on
the other hand, have taken money from rather poor men to buy
your self a jeep.  Instead of providing free service to the poor
men, you charge them 300 a month, which they truly cannot

Mother Teresa charged nothing for what she gave, which
helped people grow into fuller human beings.  She never made
any money from her work, and she never expected any.  She loved
people, and that love informed and inspired her actions.

I strongly encourage you to explore the power of a love which
seeks not to dominate or exploit men but which instead encourages
their growth (and your own as well).  I also ask you to remove
the picture of Mother Teresa from your web site:  she does not
belong there.


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